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Completely unoriginal rip-off of the TAC drinking game

TAC Drinking Games

Ah…ye old high school musical.


I was in alone one night. My brothers had ditched me to go to a party, nice huh. Bored and desperately trying to avoid actually watching the end of ‘The Wedding Singer’ (which you can safely assume I did) I was rummaging through the DVDs and stumbled across my old Les Mis DVD (what?!? Two years is old) And inside the case was a half finished TAC drinking game style list that I had totally forgotten I had written. And a few humorous musical memories that should never be forgotten such as

“Bring on his understudy!”

“He doesn’t have an understudy!”

“I’ll be his understudy!” (Sorry but some people should not be in musicals)

So sitting back swigging TIC TACS I proceeded to play my very own drinking game.

Note: not a good idea to play after you’ve just eaten pizza or well, anything.


High School Musical Drinking Game (I need a shorter title)


*you can see a lead in a company song

*you can see more than one (I think I counted 6)

*someone is really overacting

*someone looks stoned

*people point/look in different directions

*someone looks directly into the camera

*someone is obviously not looking

*someone’s out of time

*someone’s not singing/singing the wrong part/doesn’t know the words

*you can see someone wearing something they shouldn’t

*someone falls over

*you can see yourself

* you can see one of your friends

*one of your friends is singing a solo (if they’re a lead you don’t have to take one every time unless of course you want to

*someone randomly walks across the stage

*people think they can’t be seen (this person can be you)


Just for fun

*someone changes gender

*someone changes status in society

*someone looks like their in pain

*someone’s mic gets turned down


Extra points (swig or not your choice)

*you see someone in a lead/supporting you didn’t even know was in the musical. Take another swig if you act with them quite frequently in the next one your in. (sorry Paddy)

*Someone’s job becomes their job in real life. The soldier who shot Gavroche, she is actually becoming a soldier.

*and finally if the phrase "i think that guy is wearing my pants" crosses your mind take a few swigs. ok. ok. you see a costume you have worn or a can identify as another character. (obviously not your own)