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I wish i could credit this...

Basically to play take a swig of something (i suggest starbursts) whenever you see one of the things happening which it does, alot, during the Tenth Anniversary Concert DVD.
Drink with me...
*The audience claps for more than ten seconds
*The exit sign is visible
*You can see a character in the big screen
*You can see the conductor
*A certain character is visible (choose one)
*Someone is putting on a coat/ taking it off
*Someone takes a drink from their Evian water bottle
*One of the characters is fidgeting (Cosette)
*Someone does something gross (rub nose vigorously on sleeve etc)
*someone cusses (within a song, that is)
*A big group stands up/ sits down
*You can here the singers gasping for breath
*The actors are doing incredibly stupid things (yeah the miming)
*A captian appears
*A character starts yelling and getting real emotional and looks really desperate
*someone dies
*The conductor sings along
for these ones you may need to take a few swigs to compensate
*JVJ clips the end of a held note with an ear-piercing shreik
*PQ (javert) makes a funny face when he says 'Javert'
*PQ moves a mic stand for no reason ( i really like this one. cause he does. i love him but he needs to admit he has a problem)