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  Montparnasse (yes i am aware that this is supposed to be about Eponine but he is one of my favourite charatcers)

. . .a sorry creature. he was scarcely more than a child, a youth of under twenty with a pretty face, cherry lips, glossy dark hair and the brihtness of springtime in his eyes . . . He was an urchin turned vagabond, a vagabond turned deperado, smooth, effeminate, graceful, strongly built, pliant and ferocious . . . he lived by robbery and violence . . . Montparnasse was a fashion-plate living in squalor committing murder . . . Few night prowlers were as much feared as he. At the age of eighteen he had several murderers to his credit; more than one dead body lay behind him . . . - such was the flower of the underworld.  - Victor Hugo

Eponine took Montparneese's hand.

'Careful,' he said. ' You'll cut yourself. My Knife's open.'


I am outraged that Montparnasse is sometimes played by someone who isn't young or doesn't even sound young.

And just randomly I also hate when people type Cosette's name as 'Corsette' and don't say it never happens on several occasions when people have read the book they get the pronunciation wrong. Even a person in a chat room spelt it wrong.