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well what can I say on a page devoted to myself...
I'm female (wow) i like art, drama and music. I'm a real original I am.

Hiya my name in chat rooms is eponine_thenard and obviously I’m not going to tell you my real name.


just a short bio maybe...

well I'm pretty young well, usually in comparison to the people that unfortunately

have sit next to me in cinemas and theatres.

My pride and joy is my little gold stud in the top of my left ear.

The majority of my Ipod is full of musical songs and muggle cast episodes.

My favourite Jesus Christ Superstar song is ‘this Jesus must die’ but my fav scene is the fight scene before Simon zealots. But right now I’m obsessed with hairspray and wicked cause….

The last musical I saw was Hairspray (!!!!) and the one before was Wicked (once again !!!!!!) In actual Broadway theatres  in NY. Yep this little Aussie girl went to America all before her 18th B’day.


AlsoI will tell you which versions of Les Mis I’ve seen and what I think of them


1.I've read the book. wait let me get it. The one 'translated with an introduction by Nornam Denny'.


2.I was in my schools version of Les Mis that caused me to own a burnt copy of an American version. i think its a student version and i just re listened to it recently and i love it. There eponine sounds more like a girl than a young lady. not tough enough. but this cd is only has the main songs so i would love to hear her sing on my own because she can belt out the notes. and shes a fantastic alto in the finale


3.I love the 10th anniversary concert CD. I'm listening to it right now. In my opinion this CD has the best Fantine and Little Cosette. I also have the TAC DVD which is great i love when they act in it, like Marius and Enjolrus after Eponine's death and the entirity of little Cosette's part. it's just so good i wish they did more acting.


4.I've seen the movie with  Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush and Uma Thurman the 1998 one (well I'm half way though that one I gave it to one of my friends(who doesn't go to my school btw) for Christmas seeing as I've now got her addicted to Les Mis).


5. I now own as of my birthday last year (i know I'm a bit late to update) the complete symphonic sountrack which rocks!!! i do admit it isn't as good as the TAC but I'm very biased as you know. the Eponine in this one does a great job at portraying the type of life she's lead but i still like when females have more sweetness to their voices but after you get used to the fact she's not Lea Salonga (haha) she is amazing. Javert and Marius are the same performers as the TAC and basically they rock. and Enjolrus and Fantine (well Javert too but we already knew abbout him) are Aussie! which is always good hahaha.


6. And the movie where Cosette and Marius get married and Valjean walks off in the end (I though this one was really bad Javerts death was just shameful, he like does a summersault of the bridge yuck!).but this one has good symbolism it shows a little girl at the start dressed in rags,outside in the rain asking people...well all she does is go up to people and say 'please'. i think this depicts the whole idea of the wretched ones.


7. Les Miserables the French series, directed by josee Dayan (really good as long as you don't mind reading subtitles) it has the best Eponine, Asia Argento, (She’s in Marie Antoinette, it was good not great) in a screen production. Truthfully the only eponine I’ve seen on screen but i love her. Javerts death is awesome cause really if you can't die right what’s the point. And in this version Valjeans prison number 9430 (this might be the one when he was recaptured but i turned my head and didn't catch the end of what he was saying to Marius so he might have said 24601).


8. my favourite Eponine is Lea Salonga but i love how different actors portray her.


Two things I would love.

I would love to take the website further (I feel like Hermione with SPEW. i did mention i was a nerd didn't i?) like music and intersesting stuff but im lazy and i think there are copyright laws and what-not.


 And the second I would love to see the proper production of Les Mis (i saw a small theater company's one and it was fantastic) but I have to wait 2 or 3 years for it to come back. But by that time I will be old enough to be in it. I would so love that but I guess everyone would. If I could choose a part, just for fun, (of course I would choose Eponine) but I would like to be one of the factory girls or the young prostitute in Look Down. A girl can dream can’t she?


Now you can stop reading here I’m going to complain. Where I live in Oz is a cultural wasteland. In universities and schools not so much. but not in the way it is in NY or LA. Yes I know it’s just as unlikely to get into the bis there as it is here but I don’t care about that. We have only one (maybe two) major acting companies and only one big musical a year. ONE!!!! I can’t live with just one. Oh! And when they do come it’s commercial crap as I like to call it. like Saturday night fever, Dusty and Dirty Dancing. You know stuff that the oldies will go see cause they remember the movies (and in Dusty’s case the actual person) when they were young. You have to go to the small (non-profit, non funded) theatre companies for your fix.


For example we went on a tour of the Lincon Center and you know all those other buildings. And the amazing thing was actual work was being done in them, people doing a dress rehearsal of an opera, lighting designers making sure the lighting matched the set and people (well boys really) practicing a ballet routine. Oh! And you have the nutcracker every Christmas. My god I’ve never even seen the nutcracker. I know even for NY this was probably the central for that type of thing but still. I compare it to the opera house in Sydney. When we went there, there was nothing going on. Oh builders on one stage. But just one. It was deathly dull.

I love it because art actually happens.

If you have a problem with the the site (you better not have a problem *shakes fist*) or I've gotten something wrong please e-mail me at
I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone who visited my site. Even if you just stumbled across it for some random reason just so i know another human, besides me, knows about my site