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Les Mis Freak
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Young Love

these sites are really good, there’re really unusual and have a lot of fun stuff on them my favourite is the commentary through a heart full of love (which is gone now. I think I'm gonna cry) but i also love the pictures. its fun to see how other people have performed les mis.



Some of the links aren't working at the moment so i'll do my best to find some other interesting stuff anf replace them or find where they've moved.

piliartza.jpg - full description of eponine and some of the actresses who play her. -which les mis character are you? - Pictures of the cast and scenes (this page also includes 'you know you're a les mis freak when')  - random 24601s (you'll see what i mean) - Eponine Shrine - not a formal performance but still great pictures - les mis trivia -just cute -France in the age of les miserable. When dabbling in the past one must be historically accurate. –a play -an Eponine play -Eponine and Love. The very first fan fic I read of anything, ever. hmmm....i don't really like fan fics.... - wow this person has done their homework (makes me feel bad, really bad)