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Eponine's Characteristics


Eponine has a sense of humour which usually shows up when she complains about something. But she rarely complains, she is the older sister after all.


Eponine has pride but she is not embarrassed to be who she is, she will gladly walk around Paris is rags and in the complete opposite doesn't want her brother to see her while she’s dying. She has a good balance between these to attributes.


She doesn't let much stand in her way, which is great achievement for a girl in the 1800's. She stands up to the dominant male in her life, her father. She has tactics to stop her father’s plans when someone she loves might get hurt. She’s uses who she is and doesn't shy away when her father gives her a direct order. She stands up to him. Which goes against the stereotype shown in Cosette (angry boos are heard from all the Cosette fans)


Eponine is a great role model because she shows us that simple things create happiness and the best deeds are done without want of a reward. She saves Marius life many times and leads him straight to Cosette.