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Les Mis Freak

Les Mis Freak
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absolutley the best fan fic ever in the history of forever... well thought it was good. i was like, oh my god I've done that i was almost jumping out of my seat.

You know you're a les mis freak when...

1) In an unseen exam you rewrite paragraph about careers (and how they change over time...oh it was fun) to include a quote from 'at the end of the day'.

2) You’ve watched your version of les mis about a hundred times while one of our best friends still hasn't watched the full first act.

3) You watch, read, listen to anything that has the title Les Miserables. Even if it's only based around the main character wanting to read the book and it turns out its that the les mis part doesn't even get past the cart crash. (Long story)

4) You go into hysterics and almost disturb the whole hall when, during your brotohers speech night, the principal mispronounces Les Miserables.

5) while making a cake for a cake decorating contest (truley they do exist) you use the left over pieces to bulid a barricade, complete with Grantaire, Enjolrus and a little gavroche out the front.

6) and of course you spend a large majority of your time actually doing these things (or thinking about doing these things and then reminding yourself your in public and people might think your strange) and making websites, live journals, art projects and little characters like these