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Eponine's Story
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francesruffelle.jpgName: Eponine Thenardier
Born: 1914
Age: Forever 16
Love: Marius Pontmercy
Solo: On My Own



Eponine is the daughter of the Thenardiers and is very spoilt. The Thenardiers mistreat Cosette while doting on there daughter.  


Several years later Eponine is friends with a student Marius Pontmercy and is secretly in love with him. They meet in a busy Parisian street and playfully talk (sing), Eponine is part of M. Thenardiers gang and marius warns her not to get into trouble.

Eponine is then sent to go on watch and warns everyone that Javert is coming. On hearing the name Javert, Valjean and Cosette flee the Parisian street after Cosette and Marius meet each other.

Later, despite her own feelings, she leads marius to cosette and waits outside the gates. Thenardier and his gang turn up and try to rob valjean but Eponine screams and they disperse Marius comes back and introduces Eponine to Cosette before he and Eponine flee.

Eponine reflect on her love for marius and how he has never noticed her.

She joins the Students at the barricade and Marius seeing she is in danger sends her off with a letter to Cosette. She sings about her love for marius and comes to terms with her life. She tries to return to the barricade but on the way is shot. She dies in Marius’s arms and he tells her that she actually did mean something to him.


Eponine is one of the two daughters of the Thenardiers, the other being Azelma. When Eponine was a child she was beautiful but spoiled, she had pretty clothes and lots of toys. Also, she was taught by the Thenardiers  that young Cosette was beneath her.

The Thenardiers went bankrupt so the villainous Thenardier went back to his old life of crime bringing the family with him. So Eponine grew up on the streets with her father’s gang. She was regularly sent to ask people people for money and sometimes, partake in robberies.

Eponine literally bumps into Marius on her way back from a job. She falls in love with him. Like Marius for Cosette she spends many days just walking around looking for him.

Thenardier tries to rob Valjean. Montparnasse distracts Eponine who’s supposed to be on watch and the whole gang winds up in jail. Marius is hiding in his room, which shares a wall with the Thenardier’s room, waiting for the right moment to warn the police (with Javert’s gun he later uses this gun at the barricade) Eponine is sent into the room to fetch a chair, Marius hides and Eponine pretends not to notice thus saving his life. 

Eponine (after getting out of jail) finds where Cosette lives and lead Marius to her. She spends a lot of time outside the gate (“not for you deary”) because she is there she stops Thenardiers gang from robbing the house.

The barricade is about to rise Eponine, dressed as a boy, joins the bad of students & revolutionaries rallying the streets. She says nothing and no one really notices her.

Once the fighting has begun Eponine saves Marius by putting her hand in front of a gun and takes the bullet. It goes through her hand and comes out her stomach. Marius finds Eponine out the back of the barricade and well…at least he does kiss her

I do know the book is long and time consuming but you have to be acquainted with the dudes work…

go down to ‘All at once, in the midst of his dejected ecstasy, he heard a familiar voice saying-’ and it will be a section where Eponine is talking to Marius.

If you’re singing along in your head you’ll be pleased to know that

“Be careful how you go don’t let your father know” and “I don’t want your money sir” are in this segment