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Conspiracy theory at the max here

Any respectable les mis fan could not have missed the the shot of a ‘les mis’ poster is shown when sophie and Robert are escaping the cops in the movie.


According the wikepedia victor Hugo was the twenty fourth Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. That’s not the interesting part. He was French and quite political so it makes sense.


It says that Mary Magdalene fled to France after the crucifixion. And for the theory to work the heir needs to have stayed there for 1800 years. Not likely.


Now like most conspiracy theories it is in the details or the slip of words that give it life. There are two chapters in the book that link with a big symbols pushed in the book (well movie, haven’t read the book), the rose. It is said that the rose is the symbol the knight’s templar used to identify Mary Magdalene and thus the Holy Grail. A single rose is placed where Mary’s tomb was.


As victor was said to have been a member of the priory of sion and as shown that Da Vinci left clues his work as to the secret.


The chapters are called


  The Rose Discovers That She Is an Engine of War p771


The rose discovers  it is a weapon of war p769



A Rose in Misery p636


Rose of the underworld p633


This can be read in two ways, obviously.


It can be argued that Valean is based on Hugo himself. Jean Valjean is exiled in a manner of speaking, mentally not physically as Hugo was. And all writers use inspiration from their lives.


The first theory is easily disproved. ‘a rose in misery’ refers to Eponine and is a nice little metaphor but that. For one the priory would never let that much harm or the potential for harm to come to the heir. Even if they thought she was safe as the daughter of an innkeeper she would have been rescued from a life of crime. Secondly, in a later chapter’s title relates Eponine to a goblin so it is fitting this is another metaphor.


The more likely of the two to hold any significance is the ‘rose’ referring to Cosette.

Like in the movie Cosette is (for all intensive purposes) orphaned as sophie was and taken in by a kindly old gentlemen who is a grand master of the priory (remember based on life here). It follows the same line of thinking that he child was lost to opus dei and discovered and protected by the priory.


Also in the manner of the wording Eponine is refered to as ‘a’ rose while Cosette is referred to as ‘the’ rose. If it is a code of sorts it would make sense to use the clues several times with subtle differences so those who know will, well, know.


My theory of course has no factual standing so it can not be proved. I would need to know more about everything. It was just when the movie said the symbol for the grail was a rose the idea jumped to me and I couldn’t get it out of my head.