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Lea Salonga

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I first song I every heard her sing was (actually a whole new world but we'll skip that) On My Own and I immediately fell in love with her voice. I listened to a copy of one of the cast from Dawson’s creek singing it and well... Lea Salonga sings it with passion and emotion which is just breath- taking. Also in 'a little fall of rain' she actually sounds as though she's dying. i get so sad.  

btw i love Frances Ruffelle and Lea Salonga both the same. Each Eponine is cast to play that part so obviously the directors and conductors think they are right for it. And they are professionals so I think their opions count. 

Isn't she fantastic. I love her as Eponine but she's a fantastic (yeah another list)
* sining voice of Fa Mulan in (ironically enough) Mulan and Mulan 2
*sining voice of Jasmine in Aladdin
*Kim in Miss Saigon (I also got this for Christmas. It's so sad)
and ones I haven't see/listened to (same thing)
* The king and I
* The flower drum song
* Lea Salonga - her album
* Hey! Mr Producer